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At Vebudo Aviation we believe Pilots aren’t normal people. We look at the sky and realize we need to have wings. We know we want to soar higher than other humans. When we look at the sky, we don’t just look at it, we plan to dominate it. We have dreamed of flying since we are kids, and once we actually take off – there are just no words to describe the feeling. Only a pilot can understand how thrilling and satisfying it feels. This knowledge, knowing what it means to fly, is what bonds a pilot to every other pilot.

The Founders

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Launching a website that helps future pilots has been a dream and an ambition for us for many years. The idea for creating a website that is a helpful resource for pilots came to us when we were training to be pilots ourselves. Our experience wasn’t bad but some of our fellow students had shockingly bad experiences. While we managed to complete our training successfully and went on different paths to begin our dream lives, the bad experiences of the people around us stuck with us. We realized there were some issues that weren’t being addressed by the schools and were resulting in terrible experiences for the students.

Since we faced a few of these issues ourselves and understood them deeply, we were in a position to help the people having similar issues. We had completed our training successfully and had seen the people who were unable to complete their training; we knew what to do and saw what not to do. The most frustrating part for us was to see people failing when they could have succeeded if only they had more guidance and support.

After we became pilots, we helped some of our friends and family achieve their dreams. We understood their motivations and troubles and thus could reach them easily. Soon, we realized that when seeing the people we were helping achieve their dreams, flying their first solo, and gaining their stripes, made us feel prouder and more fulfilled that our own progress. Seeing the people we helped get airline jobs with our help brought us great satisfaction. We saw too many people whose dreams were crushed only because they didn’t have the right guidance and decided to do something about it.

We decided to create the ultimate place to provide guidance to all pilots throughout their training.

Choosing the Flight School


As the Vebudo Aviation founder, our main focus is on ensuring that we find the school which fits the needs of the student perfectly. We strongly believe that the reason so many people fail to achieve their dream of becoming pilots is that they have chosen the wrong school. Choosing the right flight school is essential to become a good pilot and to be able to turn your dream into a successful career.

The good news is that this is not a hard thing to do. There are many good flight schools where they treat all students as respected professionals from day one. Good schools know how precious the dream of becoming a pilot is for their students and are thus good at ensuring that you become the best pilot you can become. We focus on finding out as much as we can about you and your needs so we can help you pick the school that is best for you. We will take as much information as we can and provide you with the best places where you can make your dream come true because, being pilots ourselves, we realize its importance.

However, we still won’t feel comfortable after making sure you get into the perfect school. We know the trials and tribulations that pilots in training go through. We know the things which make people fail at achieving their dreams and we know how to avoid them. Thus we will be there with you every step of the way helping you overcome any obstacle in your path. We will be focusing on offering many services and giveaways so we can ensure that your training goes smoothly and is as good as you have dreamt it to be.

You have chosen a great path in life that requires hard work and commitment to succeed. We respect this choice and feel that once you make this choice you are a part of our group. To us, all people who dream of flying are considered our people and making sure as many of our people succeed as much as possible is our ambition.


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Vebudo Aviation will be the ultimate platform to ensure students achieve their dreams. This is a passion project for us thus we want all the services and assistance provided by us to be completely free of cost. Seeing you succeed is enough of a payment for us.


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Our mission in Vebudo Aviation is to build a one big family consisting of future pilots and educate them and keep the aviation industry on top. We are in regular communication with school owners and instructors about teaching methods and tips and are always looking for ways to improve the learning experience of students. We ensure that each and every student pilot has the full set of information required to make the right decision before training so they can go on to become world-class pilots.

Vebudo Aviation is very proud to be a force changing the flight training industry for the better.