The road to 1500 hours in flight school is no longer a long and expensive journey. The number of flying hours log to be hired by commercial airlines was once difficult. It used to be plunking down money for time and fuel, flying to gain a few hours and repeating the process over the next weekend.

With the assistance of Piedmont Airlines that burden is lifted. With a flexible cadet program and incentive of $25,500 for pilots who need to build hours. With no restrictions in being bound to a specific school, occupation or time frame.

Once a cadet has reached 400 hours of flight time, they can apply for the Piedmont cadet program and earn a commercial license with multi-engine and instrument ratings.

If the pilot gets accepted into the program they will receive a $7500 signing bonus in addition to cash revived for every 100 hours of logged flight from the hire pilot bonus. They will also collect additional monies over two years. if needed Piedmont will also pay for an ATP/CTP course.

On the first day of Piedmont, pilots start the countdown to becoming a pilot for American Airlines. Cadets will also receive additional benefits such as free domestic travel for themselves, a registered companion and immediate family members in American Airlines.

Pilots who join the cadet program can earn an additional $5,000 for every friend they successfully refer to Piedmont.