Since we started our company our main goal has always been to make sure our students get complete guidance to become successful. We started the company purely to find great talented students and to show them the right direction to fulfill their life long dream of achieving airlines or any other pilot jobs. Now we partnership with 110+ flight schools in 26 different countries, which is a record that no other company can even come close. We are not proud of how many schools that we are in partnership with, rather we are more proud and satisfied with the 1000’s of students we helped worldwide. To see them and their families happy with them reaching their ambition.

Save over $6000

The pilot training course fee is a mystery to any student. It is understandable that the course fee can’t be fixed for pilot training due to each students’ ability to master the skill of flying. Many flight school owners use that confusion towards their advantage. In fact, we started Vebudo Aviation after many of the horrible experiences we faced as a student pilot. We understand some money-hungry schools shattered many students’ dreams. Our preparation and guidance will save you up to $6000 for most of our students.

Find great school

This is the most important decision you must make as a student in your pilot career. With over 1000s of flight schools, it can be a very difficult choice. That is the sole reason why we traveled to over 300 flight schools in 26 different countries to make sure we visit the school to gain full knowledge of the school and the area and meet the flight school owner ourselves to get the vision of the school management.

Training structure

FAA, EASA, CAA, DGCA, CAAC, CASA. Yes. These are a few of the pilot license authorities and they have many licenses such PPL, IR, SE-CPL, ME-CPL and part 61, part 141 the list go on. I understand you are confused, and we don’t blame you. Each country has its own aviation authority and licenses. Each school has its own training structure. The reason why we take each student individually rather than just enroll in the same school is that we must choose the perfect school to fit the students’ requirements and preferences. Having the best training will be vital for a successful pilot career.

Choose the best Instructor

We came across some amazing Instructors and some instructors who just cared about building their hours and money. As much as we like the instructors to gain experience and move to bigger and better airline jobs we do not allow our students’ training to be ruined by such instructors who don’t show passion and commitment towards their job.

Visa Process

If you planned to study in your own country, you don’t need to worry about a visa. But most of our students come from Asian countries and go to study in the USA or Canada. So, they need to get a student visa and that’s not an easy process. We have our own department to help our students throughout this stressful process to successfully get the visa to start their training in the country they prefer.

Embassy Interview

We spend many weekday classes with the student one-on-one to go over interview questions and the way to handle it. We have many visa interview officers in our friends’ circle and we have been gathering much valuable insight knowledge from them. We have over 90% success rate from the first time interviews. We will allow students to conduct the interview only when we think our student is ready.

Medical certificate


More than the embassy, many students get nervous about the medical examination. Because normally we don’t get medicals done in our day-to-day life. However, we expect most of the students to easily get through the medical. We will inform them from the start of all the reasons why they can fail the medical.  Also, our guidance towards the medical process resulted in a 95% success rate on our students’ medical examinations.

Guidance to Pilot jobs


750,000 pilots needed in the next 20 years gave a sense of relief to many of the students as we have a great future for pilots. However, there is no airline looking to hire anyone who has not prepared well for the interview. We structure a professional pilots’ resume to start with and help the students to apply for the available pilot jobs across the world.  

Studies and Preparation


The main reason for our students’ success in becoming the best knowledge pilot is the way we conduct the preparation. Most of our students are ready to take the knowledge test as soon as they start the training. Our company always has been a strong believer in early preparation and implement a great structure for the students to motivate them according to the schedule.



One of the additional but expensive spendings for our students is housing. We have our housing department where we try to help students according to their budget and needs. Most of the flight school have their own accommodation for the students and charge according to the type of room they request. We strongly recommend sharing a room with another pilot for two reasons. One to save money and the other is to have someone in your same training which will be great for knowledge sharing. However, you can always pay some extras to get your own room.



Usually, Schools offer their own transportation at no extra cost. They will provide a van with a driver daily to pick you up and drop you back once you complete your flight and ground classes. Over the weekend they will arrange a few shopping trips for groceries and clothes. Most of the schools are located in an airport away from the city so public transportation is not a viable option. Our strong recommendation is always to have your own car in order to have greater freedom and experience. If buying a car by yourself is not within your budget, you can always have a few other students share a car together.

Healthy lifestyle


Keeping in great health is very important for pilots. You must get medical done regularly and if you have an unhealthy lifestyle that could risk you losing your license quite early in your career. You have worked very hard to become a pilot and there is absolutely no excuse if you lose your license because you fail to keep yourself fit. We encourage students to go to the gym and have a good diet. We even offer a free first-month membership to start your healthy regime on a great path.