It’s no secret having a great mentor will bring great success in any industry. So, do you think you will need a mentor in the pilot industry where you are investing tens of thousands of dollars and 100 countries, 1000s of flights schools and numerous licenses to choose from and meanwhile your lifetime ambition is on the line? We all know the answer to that question. However, thousands of students go through this process alone with online research and listen to one or two friends who completed the training previously who have no idea of the industry themselves. No student purposely avoids mentors or pilots to help them through this process. Simply it’s not easy to find pilots who have time to guide students to success.

In Vebudo Aviation we guarantee that you will be completely taken care of by our mentors throughout the entire process of fulfilling your dream.  We divided mentoring into three sectors to make sure you will have a specialist in each area. Pre-training, Training and Post-training. You will meet up to 5 mentors from day one to successfully start working as a pilot. You will be mentored by experts in each area such as studies, training, visa process and embassy interview,

Pre-Training Mentor


In Vebudo aviation we concentrate mostly before your training and use many hours of mentoring in this period because we must consider many factors and 1000s of schools to check. Your mentors always will be pilots or experts in their field and they will be able to see from your commitment and passion is this the right industry for you. We will not take on students if we don’t believe in the student’s ability to withstand the pressure of pilot training and pilot job. Preparation is the key to successful training. Most of the time your mentor will be taking to prepare you fully for your training which includes ground studies to PPL manoeuvres.

Training Mentors


Training period mostly our mentors will be available throughout if you need them. Most of the time the school will be taking care of you and help you through with the studies and flying. However, we will be in close contact with the school owner, chief pilot and your instructor to make sure your training going smoothly as we planned and prepared. This way we will be able to identify if any lacking in students’ hard work or schools’ dedication or instructors’ commitment. The first week it is difficult for students when they move away from their own country and settle in a completely different culture. We will be there for you in this hard transition period and makes you ready fully mentally for the intense training.

Post-Training Mentor


The final stage of a mentoring and most important stage in your career is finding a pilot job that you were dreaming about all your life. Most of the students want to be that big airline job. We had students want to fly private jets and some want to teach others to fly by becoming instructors. Whatever your aim is, our goal is to educate you, prepare a resume and show you the right direction to get that dream destination that you been working hard for. The forecast conducted by Boeing tells us 790,000 pilots will be needed in the next 20 years to fulfil the demand. It is obvious that we will be on a good phase of the pilot industry in the next two decades. However, that doesn’t give any student to be relaxed about the training because no airline will hire bad pilots even if there is a huge pilot shortage. Our mentors’ main duty at this stage has structured a path for you to work on and achieve your success.