First female pilot: Sub-lieutenant Shivangi has proven that anything is possible if you truly believe in it. Only at 24 years of age, she has reached new heights, even for a pilot. Shivangi who only goes by her first name has now officially become the Indian navy’s first female pilot.

Shivangi was born in the city of Muzaffarpur in Bihar. Commissioned into the Indian Navy, after the completion of her initial training.

On Monday, she joined operational duties at the naval base at Kochi in Kerala, defense ministry sources said. Up until 1992, women were only permitted by Indian naval forces to serve in medical services.

Shivangi has been tasked with flying a Dornier aircraft, which are used as a multi-purpose light transport. The Navy utilizes this for transportation and maritime reconnaissance.

“We also use it for certain rescue missions, and according to the requirement, medical evacuation and all those things, so I’ll be a part of all those missions,”

Shivangi said

Shivangi wanted to touch the skies since she was ten years of age. Curiosity blooming when she first noticed a chopper pilot flying a minister in her home town to a public rally.

Unexpectedly when an officer came to college with a presentation of life in the navy, she knew it was her calling.

” As a 10-year-old child, who nurtured a dream of becoming a pilot after seeing one, I seized the opportunity with both hands. And here I am now,”

She told Hindustan Times

She may have conquered the mighty Skies but she came from a well-grounded family dedicated to helping the community.

So as Shivangi gears up to head for the skies,  people are positive she will set a great example for all the young women. To never give up on their dreams no matter how far fetched it seems.